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The Hebrew New Year 5771 – “The Year Of Entering Into Our Inheritance”

This is the year of the crossing over into the “Promise Land.”  We have had revelation of “Who We Are In Christ,” the knowledge  of  what the Word of Lord says we are “In Him.”(Acts 10:43; Acts 17:28; 2 Cor 1:20; 2 Cor 5:21)  Yet we still were walking the understanding that we only have the “earnest of our inheritance” (Eph 1:14) and then we came to an knowledge that “perfection” was not doing everything right, but a “completeness” (Col 2:10; Col 4:12; 2 Cor 13:11; Heb 13:21) so we could stop measuring “ourselves” with some mystical mark in our minds to see if we meet the requirement to move into our next season.  Illumination has shined on us with an understanding  of the “New Covenant.” (New Testament)  The perceptions most of us had been taught were only LAW wrapped up in a “New Covenant” package, that is the “Old Covenant” (Old Testament) message “if you’ll do, then I’ll Do, says the Lord.”  The revelation has been established that defines “covenant” and we were surprised to find that the Lord’s idea of “covenant” is far different than we had thought, this is seen  through His change of the word (translated covenant) in the “New Covenant” part of our Bible.  “Old Covenant” like we had said, was “a covenant between two parties based on the performance of those two parties,” but “New Covenant” is  a different  word that means “a covenant of One based on His performance” and NOT YOURS!  This revelation shifts the responsible party off of us and onto the “only One who could bear it,” Yahshuah.  Now, that changes our motive for the way we live our life from a response to the “incredible Grace” that come through our Savior or put another way it changes “reasonable service” to “spiritual worship” (Rom 12:1 KJV, AMP).  Oh, the freedom that it brings as we rest in the Might Work  Yahsuah did for us at the Cross.  Armed with that revelation, we become “Armed and Dangerous” because we are now the “enforcers” of what He bought and “paid the price”  for us so we don’t have that responsibility.  Walking with the understanding that we have Him in us (Col 1:27), we are “Authorized Agent” of the mercy that He carried to the whole world.  The devil may be “the prince of the power of the air” (Eph 2:2), but that isn’t even second best, (we are the second) because we carry the anointing of the One who said, “All power is given unto Me.  GO” (Matt 28:18,19)and with that “sending” we are authorized to “speak as He would speak and say what He would say.”  Now, having set the background with just some of the incredible revelation that have brought us, like Yahshuah (Joshuah) long ago to the bank of the Jordan, it is crossing over time!  The “Head Of The Year” – 5771 is a place to build a memorial in the middle of the river on “dry ground” that will stick out of the water for the generations of the future to point at and relate the incredible stories of our world changing move through the waters.  Chuck Pierce, of  GOZ,  said the Lord would begin to wake you up in the early morning, around 2 AM.  So, here I am Chuck, armed with the Word the Lord has spoken to me.  “The “Head Of The Year” and “The Feast Of Tabernacles” will be a time of moving across the river and into this new revelation of our “Sonship.”  This will be a prophetic impartation that see our words become the path that will lead us into our destined places.”  This crossing over is a changing of the paradigm that we have been operating out of in the old season and is giving us a “Windows Upgrade.”   Our “thought life” will be the central  focus of the Lord’s subliminal work in us.  There is a Word from the Scriptures that is bubbling out of me right now.  We have had the revelation that we are operating in a particle  inheritance  (earnest money) , so our “Indwelling of Holy Spirit”  can only be a portion of the essence of “Godlyness” and that has been our understanding.  That is where we start, “New Birth” our “God encounter of the best kind” that rearranges our priorities, lifestyle, and opens communication with the Lord.  Baptism of/in the Holy Spirit is a “water logging” or immersing until saturated with the power of Holy Spirit.  Usually, this experience magnifies the relationship and here is where we begin to build relationship with the Lord.  This building process continues through our lives “from Glory to Glory” and this journey has brought us to this second in time with the cursor on this page.  The New King James clarifies some words and so I’m using it for this study.  John, the beloved, writes, “And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace.   For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. No one has seen God at any time. The only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him. (John 1:16-18).  Focus in on “of His fullness,” the power of the Apostles and the Early Believers has always fascinated me and it has been my thought, even from my restoration (but that is another story for another day), as I studied Wigglesworth, Azusa, and several of the other Apostles of modern faith to find the missing link.  I believe there may be several of them, but this revelation is the key to what the Lord is doing NOW!  Timing is very important in the scheme of the Almighty One and for those of us that are still on the clock are being challenged to wait for God’s time.  The “Ark of the Covenant” is sitting with the staves through to rings waiting for the “priest” to put their heals in the water.  Risk is a big problem.  We are , too often,  having the thought, “what if He doesn’t?,” but the new thought has to come as, John Osteen, would have said, “What if He does!”  We are moving into uncharted waters and we only know that we are following Holy Spirit, under the direction of these general of the faith who have brought us to the waters edge! ,   Our generations can only see the result of Azusa, with so few live witness left and  only all of our history to tell those coming behind us.  We may have only had a week’s journey, but who know?  There is no reason to look back, you can’t plough straight.  The crossing will require a new attitude  because we will being circumcised in our hearts, motives, who gets the credit, my ministry, and etc. and for that reason some will stay on the other side in the other season.  You will be sore for a while, but when you do passover fresh in a new land thing will change.  NO MORE MANNA!  It will be the effort of  a fresh new knowing how to rely on God for yourself, as we gather and eat of the produce of  the new land  (Joshua 5:11,12 NKJV), but we will be learning more of that as we walk it out.  The change will include inheritance because it is the land of PROMISE that is to be subdued.  The word “earnest” (down payment) is gone and we will be released to move into “fullness.”  The writings of the “New Covenant” carry the implication that they knew they had “FULLNESS.”  The teachings at GOZ and if you have studied history you know that 325 a.d. was the turn off course, but the Almighty One has been redirecting the course to get us back on track.  It seems to me from the prophetic vision cast by GOZ and many of the prophetic voices of our day are telling us “It IS Cross Over Time.”  We are the “priests” that will bear the “Ark” over in our bodies as we pass through the waters on “dry ground.”  Fullness will be what we have, but possessing it will be the place where the caterpillar of our minds makes a cocoon and the process begins all the way to the beautiful butterfly.  The mental training from other seasons will come into play here to help you traverse the terrain so that the inhabitants of the land are killed and not covenant partners.  The restoration to the “fullness” is here.  We have it in us, but we are learning how to walk it out! (Rom 15:29; Eph 1:23; Eph 3:19; Eph 4:13)

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